Caro Mario
I have always been fascinatet by the idea
that you come from Falcade, from a town in the mountain, the dolomites (what fantastic luck!). Without knowing it, you have breathed in all the magic inspiration that mountains can infuse into people (and especially those mountains!). I don't know if you ever think about this since both you and i can only see them now wen we our eyes: or return to those places (where we went as a children), but we cannot really see the anymore now that our minds are occupied with other things.
And what occupies ours minds now? A great many marvellous project, some accomplished already, others to be accomplishes and others still never to be carry out, but instead, continually thought about even more desperately and reckessly, because
i am sure that we both would dearly love to transmit to the world
the enchantment and continual surprises we have in our hearts.
And the major issues? Our big problems? industry, technology?
modernity? the future? design? architecture?...
our discussions? what is beauty...and what is ugly?
Do you rember how furious we used to get? All the things you liked
and i didn't like and vice versa? All the things we liked and
our clients didn't like? All the beatiful things we did accomplish,
and how much satisfaction we felt when discovered the idea,
the trick that made everything appear completely different?
...and the mountains stand watch still...
With affection,